30 Hour Manual Intensive Course

30 Hour Driving Course

This is a thirty hour intensive course it will help people that have had a little bit of experience but needs more time to build confidence and experience on the road.

Intensive Driving Course Price £1,412.00

Intensive Driving Course Description



The Thirty  Hour Manual Intensive Driving Course.

This is a great course to build confidence and experience, it will suit anybody who has a little bit of experience of driving but need that time to develop. feel free to browse our driving test routes and local junctions, these may help you understand what your mistake was and if you have an opportunity for private practice these videos  will really help.

Booking the course

We make this easy and cost-effective. You may notice our prices are lower than many other intensive driving schools, this is because you miss out paying the middle man, so the quality remains high but the cost is lower.

First, decide if this is the course for you. Feel free to contact us if you need advice. Once the decision is made you need to pay the deposit  of £64


Once you have paid the deposit fill out your details on the form below. We will then contact you to arrange the course.

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