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Stoke Driving School Franchise can really help

As a driving instructor, you want to do your best teaching people to drive, a skill for life, but other things start to get in your way, taking the gloss away, such as a high franchise fee, some can be hundreds a week. You may find you are given pupils, but you must travel large distances wasting fuel and time. Wouldn't it be nice to only work in your local postcode for an affordable fee?

Well, we can help with that. 

Our franchise is only £33 per week, and we only get you, pupils, in your local postcode.

When my pupils pass their driving tests, I miss out on the reviews.

Many driving schools take the credit for your passes, so when your successful pupils want to recommend your skills, they actually recommend the school. We DO NOT THINK YOU WENT SELF-EMPLOYED FOR THAT.

We can help with that as well.

Each of our driving instructors has their own page, with their reviews, all about them and how great they are.

An online office that takes payments

Many big schools offer an online diary and prepayments. Many driving instructors pay the large franchise to get these services as well. We believe strongly they are overpaying.

We supply an online diary that messages your pupils to remind them of their lesson 24 hours before. We take payment for the first lesson, so no more wasted time and lost money when the pupil does not turn up. We also offer gap booking; this works by sending a message to all your pupils telling them you have space first person to click gets the lesson; this saves you time contacting your pupils.  We take calls from new pupils, answer their questions and book them with their available instructor.


This is a requirement of being a driving instructor; we supply all our pupils with an app; this is where they can check their payments and progress and engage with the reflective log, which both you and your pupils can update after the lesson. Good record-keeping is essential, and we do understand that some people struggle with technology, but we will help and take the time to train you; all we need is a willingness to engage if you are someone who only wants to use a paper diary and is not willing to change them this is not the opportunity for you.

So here is the big question, our franchise is low, so now you are thinking I will be getting less for my lessons and have to do deals such as five lessons for £99.

At this point, stop take a second; whatever your history was, you came into driving instructing to be independent, not tied into some other person dream. Many Driving Schools talk about freedom and running your own business, but you are bound to their rules. So here at Stoke driving school, we have another way of looking at things, your earnings are tied to each pupil, so for example, if they live very close, you charge the regular standard rate, whatever you choose that to be, if they live further away or you are very busy, you then have the option to squeeze them in, then increase your rate. We give you the flexibility with the software to earn the money you deserve. How many instructors have you met who work so many hours, travel so many miles but still make less money then they were promised in all the glossy ads. Many people who train as driving instructors only stay a short time in the industry because so many promises have been made and broken.

This is a common question, and our answer is no. The main reason for this is a car that comes with a franchise is not efficient for your business. You will be paying a middleman meaning your earnings will be less overtime. We have the experience to show you the best place to get your car from where you will be paying far less and have more control. Many big franchise companies offer you amazing cars but take the time to think why they do this. Does it divert your attention from the main purpose to supply work local to you at the best price with no wasted time in cancellations?

The answer here is why would we. If you want to leave but we won’t let you because of the contract then you will probably not do your best, so there will be no winners. We are here to work with you not against you.

Many larger schools depend on this; if you feel that you will not be successful outside their franchise, you may become trapped. The best way to deal with this is that ask us and ask the instructors. We have nothing to hide. We want to build a relationship that is honest and open.


For example, you are paying £75 per week for your franchise, you have to ask what am I really getting. If you could save £2000 per year and still get the same or better service, then maybe its time to think there might be a better way.

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