36 Hour Manual Intensive Course

36 hour Driving course

This is a thirty six hour intensive would suit a novice and allows the time to develop core skills experience and confidence.

Intensive Driving Course Price £1,682.00

Intensive Driving Course Description



The Thirty Six  Hour Automatic Intensive Driving Course.

This course is perfect for a novice driver, it gives you the time to learn the core skills and plenty of time to practice manoeuvres.  The benefit of intensive courses are they allow you to practice your skills every day. Once you’ve mastered your skills it is then important to take as many mock tests, these can be built into your course.

Recording your progress

We supply you with an app that allows you to monitor your progress, with key points marked easily throughout your course, you will see your progress as a percentage keeping you motivated and focused on your goal. We use reflective logs which you can update via the app in conjunction with your instructor meaning you have a real input in your learning.


From the start we are here to support you. We Record local junctions that you make it on your driving test, this is a great way to recap the junctions and road situations you have covered in your lesson. We also recored driving test routes and breakdown on how faults happen and what you can do about it before they become a fail.

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