Driving Lessons

   Make 2024 the year you pass your Automatic or manual driving test.

We supply manual and automatic driving lessons and cover the whole of Stoke on Trent and Newcastle Crewe and Stafford area.

We are very familiar with the local test centres Cobridge and Newcastle Under Lyme, Stafford and Crewe. You can book online or call us 24/7.

Here is your pathway to starting driving lessons

You have to be 17 years old to start taking driving lessons, but there are things you can do before to get yourself prepared.

  • You can apply for your provisional licence when you are 16 years and 10 months old. Apply Here
  • Start practising for your theory test as soon as you can. Start Here
  • Try to get your theory test passed as soon as possible. You can take it on your 17th birthday if you feel confident enough.
  • Have your first driving lesson booked, try to think ahead and book it, maybe arrange it for your birthday, this will keep you motivated.

Automatic or Manual 

Many people think that you have to take manual driving lessons to pass your driving test, this is not true you can pass in an automatic but you will be restricted to driving automatics.  In the past, this potentially limited the type of vehicles you could drive and hindering driving employment as many vans lorries and busses were manual but things have changed, and for the better. Most busses are automatic as well as  LGVs. The next big change is electric vehicles, they are all automatic with petrol and diesel cars being banned from manufacture in 2035 means that automatic vehicles will be the dominant transmission. So think carefully before you decide, know the facts don't just go on what people say.


Weekly or Intensive

When you are thinking about driving lessons you need to decide if you were going to take them weekly or an intensive course. We can help you make that decision but in the end, it comes down to necessity and finances.

Weekly Lessons

With weekly lessons, you will have an arranged amount of driving lessons per week, depending on the quantity determines how long it takes for you to pass your driving test, as long as you have planned your pathway by making sure your theory test is passed, normally within a couple of months of starting your driving lessons and your test is booked when you are ready you should keep the time and cost down. How many lessons per week depends on you but a conducive amount is normally two hours per week.

Intensive Driving Courses

With an intensive course, you can pass your test in a very short period of time, sometimes as little as a week. Again I would make sure you have a pathway to passing your driving test this would include making sure your theory test is passed before taking the first driving lesson, this means you can have the practical test booked. Once this is done arrange your lessons in your time period available, meaning that at the end of the course you will be taking your driving test. It is very advisable to speak to the instructor and work with them otherwise you may find costs and timings become unmanageable. You'll hear many horror stories of where people have paid large amounts of money but not achieve their goal. We are more than happy to discuss your options feel free to contact us





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