Arslan Automatic Driving Instructor

Arslan Automatic Driving Instructor

My name is Arslan. I teach people to drive an Automatic Mini

Arslan is an exceptional automatic driving instructor whose teaching methods are not only up-to-date but also tailored to the needs of his students. With his in-depth knowledge of the local test routes and a keen understanding of the intricacies of automatic driving, Arslan ensures that his pupils are well-prepared for their driving tests. His fantastic pass rate speaks volumes about his great techniques f

or getting the best out of his students, helping them to become confident and skilled drivers. Whether it's navigating through challenging traffic scenarios or mastering the finer points of automatic driving, Arslan's expertise and familiarity with the area make him the ideal instructor for those looking to learn and excel in automatic driving.

My vehicle

I teach in an Mini pictured below  a very smooth easy car to drive. You will love how easy it is to drive and park. 

Automatic lessons stoke

Monitoring your progress

Upon enrolling in our program, you will be provided with a convenient app for your smartphone, designed to support you in comprehending your progress and managing your payments in a transparent and efficient manner. This tool will enable you to stay informed about your financial obligations and ensure that everything is conducted in an open and aboveboard manner. Additionally, I encourage the use of reflective logs, as they can be incredibly valuable. These logs allow you to jot down your specific goals for each lesson and record the milestones you have achieved, providing you with a clear and organized way to track your learning journey and maximize the benefits of each session.


The areas I cover

The areas I cover are ST1, ST4 and ST6. (YOU MUST LIVE IN THESE POSTCODES IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE ONLINE BOOKING DO NOT ONLINE BOOK IF YOU WANT TO USE IT AS A DRIVING TEST LESSON) I can pick you up from home or work and sometimes if you would like to be picked up from home and dropped off at work then this would be fine. Feel free to contact me if you are unsure.

You can contact me direct via the Whats App link.








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