Prices for lessons?

So here is the big question, our franchise is low, so now you are thinking I will be getting less for my lessons and have to do deals such as five lessons for £99.

At this point, stop take a second; whatever your history was, you came into driving instructing to be independent, not tied into some other person dream. Many Driving Schools talk about freedom and running your own business, but you are bound to their rules. So here at Stoke driving school, we have another way of looking at things, your earnings are tied to each pupil, so for example, if they live very close, you charge the regular standard rate, whatever you choose that to be, if they live further away or you are very busy, you then have the option to squeeze them in, then increase your rate. We give you the flexibility with the software to earn the money you deserve. How many instructors have you met who work so many hours, travel so many miles but still make less money then they were promised in all the glossy ads. Many people who train as driving instructors only stay a short time in the industry because so many promises have been made and broken.

Stoke Driving School