Neal Fox Automatic Driving Instructor



 Neal Fox Automatic Driving Instructor

I teach people to drive in an automatic vehicle, I cover all of Newcastle under Lyme, Trentham, Hartshill, Knutton, Clayton, Stoke and the surrounding area.

Pass your Driving Test the way you want.

I offer weekly driving

lessons or if you prefer I also provide intensive driving courses you can either pass within one week or spread it over a couple of weeks. For more details visit our Intensive driving course page. 

I only use the NewcastleUnder Lyme test centre which means I am very familiar with all the roots where they use the satnav and where the reverse manoeuvers are carri

ed out. I strongly believe that once you have learnt your basic skills you can build confidence by knowing the test area, such as local junctions and test routes. This will make you a more confident practical driver.

Expand your driving Experience on my driving lessons

Part of my driving lessons will be driving on dual carriageways and motorways, we are very lucky in the Newcastle area to be able to drive on the A500 and M6, so the days of somebody passing their driving test and never going on the motorway are truly over, this just becomes part of the learning process, allowing you to travel to the larger cities of Manchester and Birmingham giving you the freedom to work and shop.

If you have found using the clutch and gears difficult then you will love my automatic car, it's so simple to drive and silent as it is a new hybrid. You will love my reversing cameras the make the manoeuvers a breeze,

Area's I cover

I cover postcodes, ST5 and also Trentham and Harthills if you are unsure if I cover your area please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please do not

Use online Booking if you are outside the area. DO NOT ONLINE BOOK IF YOU ARE USING THE LESSON FOR A DRIVING TEST.

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