Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving Test That is Filmed

We are now offering a new product the mock driving test which will be filmed from both inside and outside the vehicle. This will help you reflect on your driving skills and work on areas that you need to develop. It's not until you see the faults being made that you can really get to understand why you are making them. If have you an international licence or you are learning to drive your own car, then no problem we can bring the camera to you. The video will be uploaded to Youtube but kept private so you will be able to share but the public will have  no access.

The Debrief

The debrief will be given on the video and our driving instructors will give you advice on what you can do to improve, this part is particularly important as you will have examples on the video that you  will be able to refer back to.


So far we have had great results with our recent mock test customer passing their driving test after taking a mock test with us. Examples of faults found, not checking blind spots or mirrors when the customer was sure they did, this is very common to believe you have done the correct thing when really you haven’t. Being able to see your face as you deal with certain driving situations really highlights how you’re feeling and the feedback from many of our customers this is a great help to understand how nerves affect them when they are on the test.

Who can benefit from our Mock Test?

Anybody who is coming up to take their driving test you may be having lessons with another driving school or if you have an international licence and drive your own car. We can come to you or can meet you at a local driving test centre. It is perfectly fine to bring someone with you so they can watch the test being carried out.

Mock Test Price

The whole package with video is £85, if you would like to book your slot please message us on what's app below.





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