Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive Driving Courses

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We offer Intensive driving courses both automatic and manual. What makes us different is we only use the local driving test centres Cobridge, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Crewe and Stafford. This means our instructors are experts in helping you understand the area and helping you pass your driving test.

An intensive course is intense but can work because you are practising the skills you need to pass in the area you are going to be taking your driving test. So you maybe thinking what is best for me. We believe the best way is to speak to us directly. Call 01782 957071 night or day. Below we have some courses and suggestions of what you might need. We can bespoke a course to meet your personal needs.

Unlike many intensive companies we only take £64 deposit and the balance seven days before the course starts. Many intensive driving schools are agents so you maybe paying extra because an extra party is taking their cut. You may find you are paying £32 a lesson but the actual instructor is only receiving £22. This is a potential waste of your money and potentially a lower service from the instructor as they may not be getting their normal rate. So think very carefully before you book. Our instructors always get the full rate. So a financial saving for you and a better service.

Find the perfect Intensive Driving Course for you.

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