Daniel Adams Automatic Driving Instructor

Automatic Driving Lessons

My name is Daniel Adams. I am a local automatic driving instructor.

I teach people like you to drive in an automatic vehicle. Driving an automatic allows you to concentrate on the road without worrying about the clutch and gears. Many times I find people who have struggled with the clutch and gears have lost confidence and in many cases have given up learning to drive altogether. I am very familiar with all the local test centres and driving test routes. Becoming familiar with these yourself will help to give you the confidence to pass your test. My car is very easy to drive and reverse as it is fitted with rear cameras. This will make reversing

a lot easier and I have many techniques to improve all aspects of reversing. I also offer help with theory tests. If you have struggled with your theory then you have come to the right place. I can integrate theory with practical driving giving you an all round learning experience. Try a theory test here with some of the most failed questions. I use many techniques to help you understand local junctions. This includes video talk throughs an

d junctions filmed with a drone which gives you a bird’s-eye view of junctions. Take a look at some of our video clips here. So if you have struggled with gears or clutch in the past you may find automatic driving lessons could be the way forward to help give you freedom for you and your family. I use an electric vehicle and only charge from renewable energy. This means the miles you cover while learning to drive are carbon neutral. The areas I cover are ST3, ST4, ST2, ST11, ST10.  If you are unsure feel free to contact me.

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