Automatic or Manual

Driving Lessons

When thinking about taking Driving Lessons you may automatically think you need to take manual driving lessons, but this is not true the main reason you are offered manual driving lessons is that local and national driving schools mostly offer manual lessons. There are a few reasons for this such as an independent driving instructor only has access to one car which they may be tied into for at least three or four years this means they have no option to offer you automatic driving lessons.  The bigger schools seem not to be moving with the times and again mostly offer manual driving lessons.

What are your reasons for driving?

People have many reasons for wanting to learn to drive mostly for the freedom it will give them. The reasons for choosing manual driving Lessons are listed below how many apply to you?

  • Manual Cars are cheaper
  • I want to drive a van
  • I want to be a professional driver (lorry or Bus)
  • I want to become a driving instructor

Manual cars may not be as cheap as you think, you have to add in the price of fuel



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