Theory Test Tests

Theory Tests

Take a look at some of our mini theory tests. Over the years we have discovered many people fail their theory test by one or two questions, maybe that's you?

We have selected some of the most failed questions that we have found during our years of teaching people to drive.



Theory by Numbers

  • 16 years 9 months

The age you need to be to apply for your provisional licence. You need to have this before you can take a theory test.

  • 17

The age you need to be to take your theory test.

  • 50

The number of questions in the car theory test.

  • 43/50

The number of questions you have to get correct to pass your theory test.

  • 49%

Theory test pass rate for the 2016/2017 period.

  • Almost 2 million
The number of theory tests conducted over the 2016/2017 period.

Theory Test Training

Theory Test Read this before you think about driving lessons

When you think about learning to drive, many people forget to think about the theory test, this is a mistake and can end up being costly. Have a plan to pass within two months of your provisional arriving.



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