Sonia Female Manual Driving Instructor

Sonia Manual Driving Instructor


I am Sonia your go-to expert for manual driving lessons in the Newcastle and and Stoke areas. With Sonia's extensive experience and modern teaching methods, you can trust her to provide you with effective and comprehensive instruction.

Female manual Instructor

Sonia understands that each learner is unique, and tailors her lessons to suit your individual needs and learning style. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to refine your existing driving skills, she will work with you to build confidence behind the wheel and help you become a safe and competent driver.

Using a manual car, Sonia focuses on teaching you the essential skills required to handle various road conditions and traffic scenarios. From mastering clutch control and gear changes to developing effective observation and hazard perception techniques, she ensures that you are well-prepared for all aspects of driving.

Sonia's teaching methods are designed to be engaging and interactive, making your learning experience enjoyable and productive. She uses a combination of theory-based discussions, practical demonstrations, and hands-on exercises to help you grasp important concepts and develop your driving abilities effectively.

Throughout your lessons, Sonia maintains a patient and supportive approach, creating a positive and encouraging environment that boosts your confidence. She understands the challenges that learners may face and provides constructive feedback and guidance to help you overcome any difficulties.

If you reside in Newcastle or Stoke area and are ready to embark on your driving journey, look no further than Driving Instructor Sonia. Get in touch today to book your lessons and start your path towards becoming a skilled and responsible driver.

The areas I cover are ST5, ST1, ST2, ST4  


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