Reason for Driving Test Fails

Driving Test Top Ten Reasons for Failing


There are many reasons why people fail driving test. Here we break down the top ten and make it as local as possible covering Newcastle and Cobridge area.

1. Observations at junctions

Observation at junctions ( roundabouts are junction as well). Always make sure you take effective observation before you move out (emerge), if you make anyone slow down swerve or stop then you will be looking at a fail.

2. Moving off safely

When you move off from the side of the road,  you need effective observation signal if needed and a blind spot check. So lets break this down what is effective observation  do I always need to signal. Blindspot what is it.



3. Use of mirrors

When should you check your mirrors? Is it every 10 seconds should I exaggerate to impress the examiner. These are some of the things many people learning to drive think. First lets start with the differences between the mirrors.

When should I check my mirrors?

There are three basic catogergories when you should check your mirrors.


Changing Postion

Before you Signal

Remember that you need to use your rear view mirror and wing mirrors – and react to the information! People get caught out for pulling up with no mirror checks, increasing their speed with no mirror checks, or using their mirrors too late.


4. Reverse parking

In the driving test, you can be asked to either do a parallel park on the road, or reverse into a parking bay at the test centre. You do not get the reversing into the bay at Cobridge Driving Test Centre.

You will get a fault if you have to re position but a complete  misjudged  park will result in a fail.

Watch our instructors demonstrate both reverse parks.

Reverse Park Road

Reverse Park Car Park


5. Response to traffic lights

Responding to traffic lights is the cause of many fails, here we try to increase your understanding and help you gain more confidence. Firstly what makes you happy on the approach to traffic lights red or green lights? Your answer maybe green but I would say red is best, the reason is green can only go bad and change to red but red will change to green and therefore become positive.

Point of no return

Left filter light

Right Filter light

Cycle area 



6. Steering

You need to be able to maintain a steady course in normal driving. Things like mounting and dismounting the kerb, and not following the contour of the kerb results in faults in this area. Steering is something you should concentrate on within your driving lessons and private practice be as precise as possible and any practice in a car park in the early stage of  your driving lessons will really pay off.



7. Positioning

Your vehicle should be positioned correctly for the route you’re taking. If lanes are marked, make sure you’re in the middle of the lane. Avoid straddling lanes

Common positioning faults and tips to help.



8. Turning right at junctions



9. Control when moving off



10. Response to road markings








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