Online Training Videos


This online course is designed to give you a great understanding of driving.  With over 50 simple videos that will help you understand the rules of the road.


The Course Includes the following …

Preparing to drive:

  • Using the hand controls
  • Parking  Brake
  • Gear Lever
  • Steering Wheel
  • Cockpit drill
  • Door Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Seat Adjustment
  • Seatbelts
  • Moving off, changing gear and stopping safely


  • Hill start
  • Controlled stop move off at an angle
  • Emergency stop


  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse parallel park
  • Bay park 90 degrees
  • Bay park 45 degrees
  • Driving forwards into a parking bay
  • Reversing left into a side road
  • Pulling up safely on the right-hand side of a carriageway


  • Mini roundabout turning left 1st exit
  • Mini roundabout following road ahead 2nd exit
  • Mini roundabout turning right 3rd exit
  • Double mini roundabouts


  • Introduction to Crossroads
  • Turning right using turning boxes offside to offside (back to back)
  • Turning right nearside to nearside using turning boxes
  • Turning right using local knowledge
  • Turning right at crossroads but unsure of the location
  • Unmarked crossroads
  • Emerging from crossroads turning right eye contact
  • Traffic lights turning right (With a box junction)
  • Traffic lights turning left (With a box junction)
  • Traffic lights driving ahead (with a box junction)

Everyday Driving:

  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Level crossings
  • Meeting traffic
  • Following distance dry weather driving conditions
  • Following distance wet weather driving conditions
  • Slip road onto dual carriageway increase/decrease speed to fit in with the flow of traffic
  • Road position right-hand bend
  • Road position left-hand bend
  • Queues of traffic, leaving a gap of tyres and 1 metre of tarmac
  • Satellite navigation


  • Introduction to roundabouts treating as a clock face
  • Turning left 1st exit at roundabouts
  • Following road ahead 2nd exit
  • Following road ahead 2nd exit from the right-hand lane
  • Turning right with multiple lanes on approach/multiple lanes on the exit
  • Turning right at roundabouts but exiting in the right lane
  • Blockers at roundabouts


  • Approaching junctions turning left
  • Emerging from an open junction turning left
  • Approaching junctions turning right
  • Emerging from a closed junction turning right
  • Emerging from a stop junction
  • Emerging from a one-way street turning right

The cost is only £5 for a month that gives you full access to over fifty videos.



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