Do you need a manual licence

Times are changing

For many years manual driving lessons where the goto licence in the United Kingdom but times are changing and automatics are now becoming the main licence.

The reasons for this are many but include the government ban on new petrol and diesel Vehicles from 2030. All electric and hybrids are automatic meaning the days of the manual vehicle are coming to an end over the next few years.

Many people believe you need a manual licence to be able to drive  different kind of larger vehicles such as LGVs or PVCs (lorries and busses). This is not true as most modern lorries and busses are automatic vehicles. If you take a look at many delivery vehicles you will see they are starting to use more and more electric vehicles.

Do you need a manual licence 3

Price of Automatic Vehicles

The price of automatic vehicles can put many new drivers off but again this is changing as more and more car manufactures are brining in new ranges of electric vehicles. The other very important thing to realise is electric vehicles are very cheap to run. You need to look at what you need a car for, what mileage you will be doing. The average driver in the UK drives around 15 miles a day, most electric cars have a range over 100 miles. Stoke