Day Whymark Automatic Driving Instructor

Day Whymark Automatic Driving Instructor

My name is Day Whymark . I teach people to drive in an automatic vehicle

I love meeting new people and helping them to develop their driving skills. If you have taken manual driving lessons before and struggled with the clutch and gears then you will love driving an automatic, no stalling or worries about selecting the right gear. The vehicle has an automatic handbrake that comes off when you press the gas pedal. 

The areas I cover

The areas I cover areST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST11 and ST12 I can pick you up from home or work and sometimes if you would like to be picked up from home and dropped off at work then this would be fine. Feel free to contact me if you are unsure.

Keeping you updated 

When you start driving lessons with me, you will be sent an app, this allows you to pay for the lessons see your progress and update your reflective log with information that helps you. A message will be sent to your phone to remind you when your next lesson is, you can also contact me via the app.






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