Intensive price match

Are you looking around  for a intensive driving  course, it can be really confusing to find the correct company and hopefully the right instructor. Many companies promise so much but when it comes to the course, offer very little. So here at Stoke Driving School we want to build you a bespoke course.

Step 1

Intensive price match 1Look around for an intensive course, get some prices.

Important questions to ask

  1. Is the driving instructor local
  2. What type of car.
  3. Very important one here ask for the actual instructor to call you, this is very crucial, point if you do not get on with the instructor you may be wasting your money.
  4. Will the deposit be refunded if the instructor lets you down.

Once you have all the information and prices you will then have a baseline to work from. At this point contact us. We will go through the details with you and let you know if you have the right course for you.

Please feel free to use our resource centre to help you with your theory and driving skills.


Automatic or Manual which is best for me

You need to think carefully here. Do you need to pass quickly, have you had driving lessons before, was it in a manual did you have problems with the clutch. Many people believe that you have to drive and take your test in a manual, this is not true, if you take your test in a manual then you will be able to drive manual and automatics but if you pass in an automatic you will be restricted to an automatic vehicle, this may not be as important as you think or  may have been  told by friends and family. Find out why.


Take a look at some of our courses, we can also build a bespoke intensive driving course for you.