Intensive Driving Courses prices

We have a great selection of intensive courses, you will find our prices are lower then other driving schools but the quality is high as we only work out of the two local test centres. To be able to take one of our courses you must have a provisional licence and also have passed your theory test.  Choose your course from the products below, if you are unsure which product is for you please contact us. Once you have chosen the course then please make the payment via the pay pal link. At this point we will call you and arrange your course and test. 

Please remember  we only take a £64 deposit not hundreds like other driving schools.

Please check other driving school intensive courses prices you will be surprised how competitive  ours are, the reason is we have no middle man to pay meaning you keep the savings.

 Intensive Driving Schools what you need to know.

This is how they work. The cost of the course pays for the driving  tests (theory if needed)  and the lessons.

So for example a 30 hour automatic course may cost you £1130 with a £230 deposit.

£62 will pay for the test and the rest is for the driving lessons. That amounts to £35.60 per lesson but the instructor does not get this amount, normally they are paid the minimum can be as low as £23, this means a possible £378 goes to the company, a lot for taking the booking.

If you compare our price for the 30 hour auto course you will see a big difference, 30 hours auto £920 minus the £62 for the test works out £28.60 per driving lesson total saving £210 but here is the important part the instructor gets the full rate and we strongly believe this gives you a better service, all our instructors are local and only work in the Stoke and Newcastle area.

36 Automatic Intensive Driving Course


This would suit somebody who is new to driving, this course can be carried out over 8 days with the test on the final day. The driving test is included in the course fee. Please make the deposit using our pay pal link (with accept debit and credit cards) We will then call take your full details book your driving test and then book the course around the test.