Auto or manual

You need to think carefully here. Do you need to pass quickly, have you had driving lessons before, was it in a manual did you have problems with the clutch. Many people believe that you have to drive and take your test in a manual, this is not true, if you take your test in a manual then you will be able to drive manual and automatics but if you pass in an automatic you will be restricted to an automatic vehicle, this may not be as important as you think or have been told by friends and family. Find out why.

Try our questionnaire to help you decide which is better for you auto or manual driving lesson.

Welcome to your Automatic or Manual

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1) Have you ever had manual driving lessons before, how long  ago?
2) Have you ever had automatic driving lessons before, how long ago?
3) Did you give up on your driving lessons if so what was the reason?
4) Would you need to drive a van or a lorry for work?
5) Do you need to pass quickly?
6) If you had driving lessons before did you find there was to much going on?
7) Did stalling the vehicle make you feel bad and then it became difficult to concentrate  with the rest of the driving lesson?